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Mitsubishi Colt 1100 A21 (1966)

I was never much of a Mitsubishi fan, which is why you can probably count the amount of them shared here on GOV with your fingers.

I think I’m being unfair though, there is something to be seen about Mitsubishi in their early years, especially with these versions of the Colt (1000/1100/F) and the 800.

Far from being charmers, but very interesting nonetheless.

Anna Maria Peduzzi next to a racing version of the Stanguellini 1100 Sport (1956)


Anonymous asked:

I know a guy who fancies cars just as much as you- almost. What are the 5 things a girl should know about cars in order to woo her man?


Oy, that’s a tough one, although a very good question. I’d appreciate suggestions from everyone on this, it should be fun!

It really depends on what type of knowledge you want to beat your man at. Is it technical, historical, or just general details? Anyway, here are a few that come to mind.

1) I realize that in America not everyone knows how to drive a manual transmission (come on, americans). If that’s your case, then learn how to, properly. If you’re European that’s already taken care of I’m sure.

2) Get technical. Learn specific details about the cars he’s interested in, namely torque and horsepower figures (and the difference between the two), RWD or FWD, and so on. Dropping these details when you spot a specific car on the street makes a man proud.

3) Probably the most important, as you can woo pretty much anyone with this one: learn about 5 or 6 really iconic cars and a few details about them. Classics such as the Jaguar E-Type, the Mercedes 300SL, the Ferrari 250 GTO, the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33, to name a few, all have very interesting stories behind them and recognizing them is absolutely crucial. Extra points if you can memorize their designers.

4) Get to know some facts about apparently mundane details… which are not. For example, the famous cloverleaf symbol that Alfa Romeo uses on its fastest cars. When you spot one, you can tell the story of Alfa’s driver Ugo Sivvoci, who in 1923 painted a cloverleaf on its car to bring him good luck at the Targa Florio event — which he won. You can also learn about the story of the Mercedes Benz 3 pointed star (a bit longer, which you can find here).

5) Watch a few onboard laps of well known race tracks (Nurburgring, Spa, Silverstone, Monza, to name a few) and be amazed at how fast good drivers go through some of the corners. You can simply say that you’re impressed at the fearless drives through Spa’s Eau Rouge or the Nurburgring’s Karussell, any man will drop at your knees afterwards pretty much immediately :)

As I’ve said, it all comes down to his interests, but hopefully you’ve got a few pointers now. Don’t try to learn if you’re genuinely not interested though, as it may be… well, rather boring!

Good luck!

Alfa Romeo Montreal (1970)

Designed by Bertone’s very own Gandini, who always knew how to properly design a C pillar.

BMW 635 CSi E24 (1978)

We’re all allowed to have crushes. Some are healthier than others, usually the ones that fade away with time. A nice and easy reminder that you’re able to feel an unexplicable attraction to something or someone (it’s usually someone).

A recent set of posts by swissstash has made me realize that I’m still not done with this old crush that is the E24.

What worries me is that I had always thought of the E24 as a healthy crush. The one to wink at at the corner of the room, to feel a bit jealous for when others have it. Paul Bracq, its designer, is officialy one of my design heroes. He’s also responsible for the W113 MB platforms and, go figure, the TGV.

Fiat 124 Coupé Sport (1967)

Syed, from IEDEI, says the 124 Sport Coupé is finally growing on him. And he has plenty of reason to think that way.

This version is known as the BC (but that’s not Before Christ, as it was launched 1970 years after him), and its muscular looks have a few interesting sources. For instance, the headlights were shared parts between the Lamborghini Jarama.

The version after this one, the CC, finally featured an engine to match, at 1.7 litres of displacement.

And the 124 Spider? Oh, don’t get me started on that one! I have work to do.

Niki Lauda at the 1972 Monaco Grand Prix, with the March-Ford 721X @ STP March Racing Team.

Photo by The Cahier Archives.

Citroen 2CV (1961)

Being rescued from an Amsterdam channel.

My bet is that it still worked fine afterwards.